Monday, August 20, 2012

Haaaat Week

Davie and Emmi got to go to the channel on the river for the first time. Davie didn't go last year because we really didn't have much of a summer. The channel is still to high to cross but Davie went in for a dip and Emmi raced around in the shallows. I am sure once I can walk across she will be easy to convince to swim.

We spent the weekend at the Top Dog Agility trial, it was hot!! But it was fun. Well for me it was, Davie and Emmi were kind of bored. We have a great bunch of people up here doing agility and a remarkable variety of dogs.

Here are some pictures from last week.

I'm wet!

Emmi's first bush walk, Catja is on a leash because she found fish perfume!!

Beavers! And a clean Davie!

Don't tell her I have her bully stick.

Emmi - Please, please can I get out, Davie - yes could you kindly remove her

Emmi with her Roughriders collar

Emmi WITHOUT her RR collar tearing the G off Gainer the Gopher. She wasn't impressed with their loss to BC yesterday!
Sharing a Bully Stick and yes they each chewed on an end for about 15 minutes.

Davie with his captured bird! He loves little stuffed toys.

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