Monday, August 13, 2012

Where did the puppy go??

Emmi looks so much like a dog now, they grow up way too fast! Davie has gone from a gentle big brother teaching his little sister about toys, squirrels and the best places to dig to full blown games of tag and wrestling matches. And the Maarvellous Miss Em's nose has really kicked in. This week we will begin some fun tracking training. We have also resumed our morning walks around the neighbourhood to check out what has happened over night. Davie is a happy guy he missed his morning walks. I don't like walking young pups too far I prefer to let them free run in the yard so they can control their own exercise. The other reason to start walking Emmi around the neighbourhood is to watch how she scents things. It has been very interesting. She definitely air scents but does more nose to the ground than Maggie (my last coonhound) did.

Notice the puffed out cheeks, big snort to clear the nose

Veins enlarged just below the black mask, nose really working
We found a big black caterpillar!
New Saskatchewan Roughriders collar, Emmi hopes it will help them win the next game! And wishes I would go away with the camera!

Come get me.

Pretty Girlie

Yoga pose

Sometimes they do relax

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