Thursday, April 18, 2013

Operation move huskies, horses and owner, AKA, Alberta Bound

We left for the new Husky/Horse House on Monday morning, it was a beautiful drive through the mountains and we only hit snow once! We saw lots of wildlife in Jasper but both the BT and the BC were sleeping, for which I was grateful. It has been a whirl wind of activity until today. Tuesday the house stuff arrived. Wednesday the horses arrived. Only Deva and Sammy are here right now the other three huskies are at a near by kennel until the dog fence goes up which is scheduled to happen tomorrow. Having to take three dogs out on leash makes me realize just how great Davie is staying with me and coming when called. I love my Davie dog!!

Emmi spotted the neighbors out the window the first day, three very nosy mules. And it turns out Joe, the big guy, is a fellow Tennessean! His mama was a Tennessee Walker and he came all the way from down there so he and Emmi had a lot to discuss. He was quite envious of her coming by air! The mules are a hoot to watch and Emmi spends a lot of time watching them through the window. No one could possibly sneak in here with them around. Joe is the riding mule and the two girls are the harness team.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

Watching the neighbors
What do you think girls?

Let us discuss for a minute

Meet Joe, he is a handsome guy.

Horses check out the new digs and who was here before them
Moving is exhausting!

This little girl came for a truck ride with Randy and the horses because she is being bottle fed. She is only three days old, her mama had 4 lambs I hope she makes it


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