Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring?? Really??

Okay so it is April 13th and we wake up to at least 5cm of fresh snow. I am not impressed but Davie and Emmi think it is great!! Goes to show you should really live in the moment like they do!

Today is also the anniversary of Operation Davie's Little Sister. It was a year ago today I flew to Tennessee to pick up Emmi, although at the time we still weren't sure if it would be Miss Pink (Emmi) or Miss Mauve. It has been an interesting year and Emmi has grown into a beautiful, intelligent and slightly crazy girl. Many thanks to Wendy at Davis Branch Blueticks for such an awesome girl.


Is it still snowing??


Smokey X and Emmi

Emmi and Smokey X

Run like the wind

And I still run like the wind!

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