Friday, August 9, 2013

A Week in Lab Land

 We had the honor of being the caretaker at Eromit Acres this past week. Eromit raises wonderful labs, this the link to their web page and they are also on FaceBook. Five labs and a puppy were going to do a road trip to Saskatoon, SK for Field trials and they needed someone to look after things. So Davie, Emmi and I headed down there for the week. We had 8 labs (Twig, Kimber, Missy, Spider, Glitzy, Jackie, Victor and Ace), 3 horses, 2 cats, chickens and ducks under our care. And all I can say is we had a blast.

There is a huge fenced field, 10 acres in size, for everyone to run in. And in the field there are also two fenced areas for training. And I forgot to take a picture of the field! Oh well there will be enough pictures anyway. The labs are a joy to look after, they have the best recalls ever. Davie was in heaven so many dogs to herd.  At one time he had the typical herding dog issue of, its black, and its in my face and I'm not happy. Seeing any black dog would set him off. After visiting Eromit over a year ago and meeting Verona who wanted to be chased he now thinks labs are the greatest, black, chocolate or yellow. And Emmi got to run and sniff her heart out. Oh and hunt voles with Jackie and Kimber. The highlight of the field runs occurred on our last morning. We met the next door donkeys at the fence line. Emmi wasn't sure what they were so proceeded to sound off which made the donkeys bray. You want to hear loud noise, just imagine a coonie and two donkeys singing.

We ran the dogs in twos or fours morning and evening. In the afternoon everyone got to come and wander around the yard because it was too hot to do anything else except jump in and out of the wading pools. And trying to keep enough water in four pools with labs and Davie splashing in them was almost a full time job. Emmi doesn't splash just circles.  Temperatures were around 30 most afternoons.

I don't have pictures of everyone because too many were blurred no matter what setting I tried. Like the very first picture of Missy and Emmi. They all move too fast!!

Stay tuned for the next post and I will tell you the story of Davie and Marvin AKA Stealth, AKA "Watch what I can do to these dogs brains" the cat.



Davie, Twig and Kimber

Emmi, Kimber and Twig

Missy, small, fast and agile is an under statement. Oh and I forgot very pretty.

Davie, Glitzy, Twig, Jackie, Kimber

Davie keeping the girls under control

Could we have some PLEEEEEEASE

I want it!!!
Newman and Spanky
Water bottles are fun especially leaky ones!

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