Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marvin the cat, agent provocateur

Marvin is one of two cats at Lab Land. Smeagle, the smart one, went outside when we arrived and did not come back in the house until the BT and the BC had left. He did come visit me outside when the BT/BC where in the house but he stayed clear of those two.

Marvin (picture curiosity of Erin from Lab Land)

Marvin on the other hand saw a chance to play with dogs brains and did a marvelous job! He would sneak inside every morning while we were out playing in the field. He would be sitting somewhere watching and make his entrance as soon as we were out of the house. One of his favorite sleeping places is the towel cupboard above the washer and dryer. How did I find this out? Well Davie discovered him on day two.

I sees him

Ha, cat,  think you are the only one who can jump up here!

Davie is a "tad" obsessed with cats. He wants to herd them so badly. His favorite cat is Floyd who lives in Saskatchewan. If Davie didn't go find Floyd last fall Floyd came to find him. He is a very strange relationship.
Davie and Floyd

I nicknamed Marvin, Stealth, because in the every evening when we where outside he would sneak out of the house to prepare for his nightly hunt. Part of his preparation ritual was rolling all over the sidewalk in front of the window to entertain the BC and the BT. And every morning I would find at least one if not more vole carcasses beside my truck. 

Pre-hunting ritual
So we still cannot say Marvin in this house or Davie thinks he has made a special trip from Lab Land to visit him.

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