Monday, September 30, 2013

Home Again

We arrived home last Tuesday after our 3 day, slightly meandering trip back from Saskatchewan. It was a great drive through some very different parts of western Canada. All beautiful in their own way. I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but I also have so many. I was going to make this blog posting about our many friends on the way, both two legged and four legged, but I decided to do a scenery one instead. We started out from the south east corner of Saskatchewan down to the south central, through western Saskatchewan then southern Alberta, then my favorite drive. Which is from Banff up the Iceflields Parkway to Jasper then west to Prince George. We were a week too early for the fall colours but it was still a beautiful drive and not a lot of traffic.

This is some of what we saw.

Flat around Regina or what?

View to the east at sunset

View to the west at sunset
Sunrise in Canmore, fresh snow on the mountains

At Lake Louise

Parking lot at Athabaska Glacier. Slush on the road for about 5K

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