Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road Trip

We are on our Saskatchewan Road trip. We left home on Sunday and drove to the horses and huskies house in Hinton. Oh and also Joe the mule and his buddies.Then on Monday we went for a four hour hike up to Sulphur Ridge. This is the discription.


The trail starts from Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky. The only issue was the ground squirrels at the very top. They have no fear and Davie was mesmerized. We did a quick retreat down before we fell off the top.

Emmi being very good and walking beside me so we don't fall off the mountain
Stream to cool off in near the bottom
The Alpine
Yes these cuties caused some commotion.
Today we drove from Hinton to Saskatoon with a few stops. Including one in Vegreville to see the giant Ukranian Easter egg. And a huge horse in The Battlefords which intrigued Emmi. Tomorrow after a few stops we are off to Bender.
Happy guy
Who is this guy?



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