Monday, October 21, 2013

A Lab Land Visit

We were invited down to Lab Land (  last Sunday for a run in the big field. It was a gorgeous day and can you say 15 dogs. All labs but 4. Davie had a heck of a time trying to herd all the labs together. It was a blast but Davie was sad, he didn't get to see his friend Marvin the cat. Apparently Marvin was busy preparing his condo for winter hibernation. Here are some pictures of the crazies.
Happy Hound

Taz, Amber and Tula and half a hound head

Verona, Davie, Glitzie, Taz, Emmi and Amber

Davie, you missed the black one!

Erin the Lab Lady

Hey Davie you are being followed!

Me and my buddies, picture by Erin

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