Sunday, October 13, 2013

Agility Paddock Shutdown for 2013

This is always a bit of a sad day but usually a lot of fun. Our dog club is VERY lucky to have use of a huge fenced field, about 5 acres, for the outdoor season. We have a fenced off agility area inside this field. We charge our members a minimal monthly fee to be able to go practice agility and just play/train dogs in a secure area. The club also uses this for all our outdoor trials. It is great because people can camp in the field for the weekend. We have some plans for the winter season in development which could be a lot of fun. But back to paddock close down. Here are some pictures:
Agility field in July

Covered areas for storage, trial secretary and judges and the all important kitchen tent under the blue tarp

Herders in the big field

Play time before close up

Go Davie there are shelties after you

Trailer all loaded, ready for the November trial

After a rough day helping.

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