Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cold and not enough snow, what to do???

It was -22 this morning. Not much can be done especially when there is so little snow and most of it is frozen or icy. Sooo we decided to go have pictures taken with Santa Claus to support the local SPCA. Then we hit the Farmer's Market for some bread, eggs, carrots, cabbage and Huckleberry jam. Followed by a Rally Obedience class.  To top it off everyone got nice juicy buffalo neck bones. It is now rest time.

In case you don't believe me
Watching for some action

Tracking jacket for -20, crazy BC in the background!

Davie sang a carol for Santa

Emmi was trying to figure out why she didn't get to sing!

And finally a video of Emmi's Rally practice. Too many commands and too many tight leashes and not enough praise, but she was a happy tail wagger. I should have had Davie videoed, he was awesome. Never can tell with Mr. D but today he was into it. Rally to him can be borrrrrrring!


  1. that looks like a perfect day! what is Huckleberry jam? sounds yummy!!
    I am jealous of the gorgeous view you have from your window! how wonderful that must look when it is snowing :)
    PS LOVE Emmi's sweater :)

    1. Huckleberries are a wild berry similar to wild blue berries but larger in size and better tasting in my opinion.