Monday, January 27, 2014

Hmmm, where did the time go

I guess when you aren't moving snow almost everyday you find lots of things to do one of which is not writing on the blog. We haven't had a good or bad dump of snow in weeks. It is very strange and the temperatures have been between -6 and 4, even stranger. We helped at the Top Dog Agility trial on January 11th, then did a Rally Obedience trail with Emmi this past weekend. Davie does awesome Rally BUT he doesn't like to do it with a bunch of people watching so he said Emmi could go right ahead without him. Let me tell you doing Rally with a hound is interesting, especially one that isn't two years old yet. Oh and did you know hounds don't mature until they are 3 or 4 or maybe 8! Yes I already knew that. Let me say that the runs were  mixture of pure hound "what is that, can I go visit" to shear brilliance. Here is you giggle for the day.

We have also been doing a lot of Nose work, now the hound is unbelieveable but then given the size of her nose I guess she should be. This is Emmi looking for the Hide which is stuck to the side of the red bedside lamp. Notice also the ceiling fan which makes it a little tricky. sorry about the poor vidoe quality, I used the GoPro and the lighting was bad.

And yes Davie does Nose work and loves it, but you can see the real difference between his nose and the hound nose. He doesn't have the best nose, but as his Uncle Michael says, "BCs don't need a good nose they are about the EYES."
Helping shovel the deck, this was the last shoveling. January 10th. Deck is now bare and dry
I hope I don't invite the Snow Elves again by my statement under the last picture. And there will be a video of Davie doing Nose work in the next posting.


  1. Love your rally video! Emmi is a darling!!

  2. We have snow on the ground, and I just heard that February is suppose to be warmer, but with more changeable weather. (ie - snow, rain, sleet, etc)