Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Davie!

It is Davie's birthday today. I can't believe he is already 5, in under two weeks he will have been here for three years. It was a gorgeous day for a birthday, sunny with a bit of fresh snow. We went over to his best buddy's place for a party. Catja was with us when we picked Davie up three years ago and is his best friend, Emmi doesn't count because he says she is his sister. We got the birthday cake from Cindy of Dog Gone Bakery fame. Although there is no longer a DGB store Cindy still makes dog cakes and goodies, thank you Cindy. Davie wished his two favorite cats, Floyd and Marvin could have come to the party, but since Floyd lives in Saskatchewan and Marvin in Quesnel it was a littl far for them to come. But he did have a surprise visitor at his party. Here are some random pictures form today.

Twisted Sister

You've been in the birthday cake!

I got the ball, I got the ball!

Look out!

Smooth move

Sometimes they stand still

Grampa Benji in his stripes

Handsome man

Full speed

Is it really mine?


The surprise guest!

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