Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day

It was three years ago today that I first laid eyes on Davie. I will never forget that day. We have come a long way and it hasn't always been easy. Davie's self confidence has increased a thousand fold and more.  Davie is now comfortable meeting new people on his terms. He has his favorite people and to them he gives all of himself. He has his crazy coonie sister who he has done a fine job raising and training. He has lots of dog buddies. He has helped raise numerous puppies and has an incredible way with young pups. People who see him interact with a pup for the first time are both amazed and fascinated by what Davie will do to bring the most frightened pup out of their shell, or gently but firmly correct an boisterous pup. His favorite thing is our daily walks in the bush. He is in his element running like the wind. I can never thank Amanda enough for letting Davie come to live with us.

I had a hard time picking pictures, I know I have missed some of my favorites but I this is enough!

My first view of Davie

Getting Ready for the journey home

Mud Man

Tenting on the way to Bender

Prairie Guy

Why me

Sledding with Shiloh and Lexi

His favorite place

His little sister

Wrestling match

At least I have company for these pictures now



Looking for Marvin his British Columbia cat

Laddy who comes for walks with us, have never met his owner

A cleaner puddle

At Eromit Labs


Three best buddies, Davie, Catja and Emmi

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  1. I still remember being so worried to send him. He was so scared, and didn't know what was going on. It was hard, but I am so glad that you have been able to give him the exact home and life he needed. So thank you. For loving him!