Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Spring officially arrived at exactly 9:57 this morning. And since it was a cool but sunny day we decided to spend as much of the day as we could outside. This included a nice long walk in the forest and a lot of snooping around in the yard. Well the dogs were snooping, I was working. Getting 4 summer tires out of a shed in over 2 feet of snow can be fun, but today it was easy as everything was froze nice and solid. I think I tired them out.

Don't know why he prefers tile to sleep on. Must trim the hairy feet!

A sleeping hound is a good hound, she has sugar on her from helping me eat a Tim Bit!

Bucky the Mule Deer, he is lucky the canines didn't see him

Davie the glove thief

Emmi and her Timmy's cup

Icy driveway, still over 2 feet of snow

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