Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's Melting!

I do believe spring may be coming. The snow has dropped at least a foot since last week end. We have had a busy couple of weeks. The first weekend in March Emmi and I did a Level 4 K9 Nosework workshop with Dana Gallagher. It was a lot of fun. We worked with three odours, birch, wintergreen and anise. It was a cold windy weekend so a good one to spend in doors.  Since then we have been working on odour with both Em and Davie. For a guy I used to call "Mr No Nose" Davie is doing great. He just gets a little too excited when we first start but gets down to business pretty quick.
The following weekend was the Top Dog Agility Trial. It was a busy weekend for me and a boring one for Davie and Emmi. The trial was indoors at the Agriplex. It is the indoor arena used by the Prince George Horse Society. I did enter Em in Starters Jumpers. And she did exactly like I thought she would, a couple of tunnels then the nose kicked in. Can't blame a hound who hasn't seen dirt on 4 months. So today we went up to another barn to practice. After a case of the zoomies she settled down and did decent work. Once she gets the idea that equipment in a barn/field means agility not sniffing I think we will be on the road.

And Davie got to go herd ducks too last week. He was so good. He didn't even back down when the "Duck with Attitude" was going after him, he stood his ground and Mr Duck changed his mind. I need to make a concentrated effort to find a place to work him on sheep.

Here is the link to a video of Emmi looking for birch on chairs. After she figured out boxes weren't involved she got down to work.

These two pictures show how the snow is slowly dropping.
March 7th

March 15th
Watching for the numerous squirrels that have appeared!

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