Saturday, January 21, 2012

Davie's Birthday

We started with a play at the centre with Rune the Toller puppy. They had a blast, Davie is so good with puppies, he just loves them. Here are some pictures thanks to Rune's mom.

Hey I'm the Duck Toller, that's my duck!

Got it!

I can really run fast!

Please can I have it???
See I can share with the puppy!
Next we went to see Dena at the Dog Gone Bakery to pick up Davie's birthday cake. Dena is his favorite person at the DGB, sorry Cindy but she is number 1!

Then we headed out to share cake with the huskies and their buddies. Sorry no outside pictures, the camera battery died!!

Deva, the rescue. Such a sweet girl!

Sharing cake with Sammy and Old Man Pabs
Then it was off to see Catja and Benji and share more cake. 

Davie was waiting outside, he was more interested in playing than in eating more cake!

Davie's normal position, nose almost  up front dog's butt

Then we headed home for a rest. I think Davie had an excellent birthday. 

He needed a rest in his too small dog bed which he prefers to the right sized one!!

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