Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Quiet of January

Well Molly has gone home and Davie's singing buddy has gone back to Japan, so things a pretty quiet.
We had a great lunch over the holidays with Dr. P and caught up on what she has been doing over the past year. She was Abby and Maggie's favorite vet until she moved to Alberta. We miss her. But on the happy side Davie got to meet her. He approved!

  No snow shoeing in sight. At lease everything is now froze and it is okay walking in the bush, just stay off the lumpy skating rinks, I mean streets. The ice is horrible. Luckily the yard is still mainly snow so lots of room to play. I really dislike rain in January! But I better be careful what I wish for I just checked pictures from January 2011 and we didn't have a lot more snow, in fact probably less. And then it arrived!
There is more in there!

Yummy moose neck bones

Must remember to keep on the bone blanket.

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