Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So winter arrived.

Yep it is cold out there, but Davie being the tough prairie boy doesn't seem to mind -30 as long as he has boots on. And if he is running around doesn't even need them.

Don't say anything about my boots! Hummm maybe I need camo ones.
We have curtailed our bush walks as it probably isn't a wise idea to venture out that far at these temperatures. So we have been going to the training centre every morning to work on things and then just roar around to release some energy. Today the wind is finally gone so -30 didn't feel too bad especially if you were in the sun, gone is the -44 wind chill.
Since it was so sunny out this morning we decided to drive around Prince George before going training and take some pictures. Here are just a few, I promise.

Ornamental Grasses at UNBC botanical gardens

More grasses


Nechako river steaming

Loaded logging truck
 Then we stopped at Catja and Benji's to play in the sunny backyard.

I thought you said that way!!

Are we reaaaady!!

What??? You don't like my orange booties?

Energy release

I'm going that way.

Even old guys play!

The out run begins

Pretty girl in red booties!!

Got you by the ear, don't move or I will pull it off, or do serious damage!!

How would you like a little less ruff??

Now a bit off this side to even you out!

I seem to have blown off my front boots!
I have frozen dog spit on my face!

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