Monday, April 23, 2012

Life with Emmi Bleu

Davie sends his apologies, this is his blog but it is being taken over by a little sister. He really doesn't mind, it takes the camera lens off him for the most part. A week ago today Emmi and I left Shelbyville, TN for the central interior of BC. For a little puppy who has come 4200 kilometers she has adjusted amazingly well to both the cooler weather and the strange accents. She has met close to 50 different people, heard noises she has never heard before and enjoyed some real Canadian moose meat!

Here are some pictures from week 1.

Willis the Cat in Calgary, first day on Canadian soil

What do you mean it's too big for moi??

Okay, I'll take this one

My brother has a soft ruff and is very patient with me.!

Wooo Hooo I'm a helicopter!!
Me and Oskar, he read me a bed time story when I went in my crate.
This stuff is "cool"

I am helping vacuum
This is me being serious
Yummy rib bone

At least she has her own!
She's wearing me out!

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