Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Operation Davie's Little Sister Successful

We arrived home on time yesterday at around 4 pm. I can not believe how easy this little girl was to travel with. We did 12 hours on the road and in the air to get from Nashville to Calgary on Monday, then another 4 hours to fly home yesterday. Davie is very happy with his little sister. He has been dropping toys for her. She can't figure out how come this big guy has such long hair. Everyone she knew has short hair!

She met about 25 people on our travels and made airline,security and customs people, I have never seen smile,break out in huge grins. Here are a sampling of pictures from our trip.


On the move

Playing with Tatter

Sweet Tater
Getting ready to leave, not impressed

Asleep in Nashville Airport
Think I can chew this up?

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