Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Davie's new puppy friend

Davie has a new puppy to play with and teach. And he is a cutie, but then don't I say that about all puppies! Sam is a 4 month old Cairn Terrier. We went over to his place for a play yesterday. Davie was first then Emmi came in to play too. They all had a ball. It always amazes me how Davie acts with a young puppy once the sniffing is over. In every instance he will bring a toy and drop it for the pup and if the pup doesn't pick it up he will pick up the toy and drop it again. In every instance the puppy will take the hint and grab the toy. He is so gentle with puppies but will also put them in their place if they get out of control. He has Emmi well trained! Plus he seems to know when her behavior is not appropriate in other ways. For instance this morning she was barking at the window, he went and had a look saw nothing and gave her a slight gurr face. She quit immediately and just looked out the window. He has waaaay more success than I do!

Sam and a varmint

Whoa little guy you almost got run over!

Happy boys

I can really run!

Kill the varmint

Ha, ha, I have all the toys!

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  1. omg! that is a cute puppy!!!!
    good boy Davie, you are a very good teacher :)