Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

I don't make New Year's resolutions. I believe that you should try to improve on things you want at any time and not have to wait for an excuse to set new goals or practice new behaviors. But to all of you out there who do make them , good luck. The first week of January has been awesome weather wise, perfect temperatures and lots of nice snow and blue skies. Did I ever say how much I love winter! No bugs, clean dogs, beautiful landscapes. Now don't get me wrong there are down sides but that happens in any season. Plus I do like the early dark because it gives me a reason to sit inside and catch up on reading etc. When it's light out and warm I really have to be outside so anything inside comes to a grinding halt.

We took Emmi for her first dog sled on New Years day. She handled it like a pro! Davie got to run ahead of the team or behind or across the field. He had a blast and was quite vocal about what he was doing. We are going out again today. Since Emmi seems to like sledding I ordered her a Hound Harness, they are double strapped in the front so fit a wide chested dog better than the traditional harness. You will see in some of the pictures how hers pulled too much to the side.

Emmi and Lexi in lead. Ivan and Shiloh in wheel.

Ivan and Shiloh arguing, serious girlies in the lead.

She is really into it!
Lexi says, "Excuse me but could you control the ears, I can't see!"

Later in the week we went out to a friends for some dog play. they had a blast. Plus Em got to sniff out rabbits.

Happy dogs!

Sorry guys my path!
Lost in snow!

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