Monday, February 11, 2013

Davie's Gotcha Day

It is two years ago today since I first met my handsome buddy. As a special surprise today his Aunty Franny managed to find him some sheep and someone to help me! This is not an easy thing in this country. He was sooo happy and so was I. I think I cried all the way from Fran's to home. Such a incredible friend. Emmi got to come too and watch from the confines of the truck. But never fear she got to walk around and smell sheep, cattle, ducks, guinea hens and lots of other smells I can't even imagine. A special thanks to Randy and his dogs for helping mainly me. And special thanks to the sheep. I think they were very gracious in that they didn't run me over. You will see what I mean.

Waiting their turn
Yep on my butt again and this was way harder than last time in the manure pile!

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