Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy First Birthday Davis Branch Bayou Emmi Bleu

FKA Miss Pink also goes by the following; Madame Em, Hooligan and the Devine Miss Em. Not to mention Shit for Brains. I can't believe she is a year old. It has been an exciting year and yes I have the hound I so badly wanted. And she is a well socialized girly. Loves people, kids, dogs and howls at cats. She is a pleasure to train and very quick to learn. We can't wait until spring so we can start tracking training. We stopped to see the Bloodhounds last Sunday. At first she was a little over whelmed by the noise, ya the loud mouth afraid of the noise. But that disappeared fast.  And she definitely approves of the Hound Master, when Flo got off the couch from beside him, Em hooped up and sat leaning against him. If that isn't a sign I don't know what is.

Miss Pink

Mama Lucy 1 year ago
Emmi and Smokey X

Leaving Davis Branch Bluetocks


All about Earzz

Still running

I'm being serious

I have an opinion on that1

Shut up kid you're giving me a head ache
Yummeh, cake with pepperoni candle!
I loves my big brother, he finds the best places to relax!

He and Davie share her cake.

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  1. lol! loved the video !!
    Can't believe it's been a year!