Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Video from Yesterday's attempt at herding

I think I forgot almost everything I learned a year and a half ago! I want to thank the sheep, Davie and Randy for being very patient with a person who doesn't know her right from her left, talks too loud and  can't walk in either a circle or a straight line.  It is so hard to think about so many things at once, watch your dog, watch the sheep, listen to the instructor and don't fall over the sheep. I always come away from this having a greater and greater appreciation of the people who do herding with their dogs, whether it be for sport of as part of their everyday life. I also come away with even more respect for Border Collies. You can see the hard wiring in this just like you can see how a hound's nose is hardwired to follow a scent. I am so lucky to have two wonderful dogs at two ends of the spectrum. Each with their own unique set of abilities that it is up to me to learn with them to develop. It is a challenge but I love it.

And please note that there were no sheep or dogs over worked or injured in anyway. The only one who is sore today is me. My butt hurts!
And big thank you to Francesca for the pictures and video.


  1. that was great! good for you for trying, I'm not brave enough so I'm having Amanda teach Kort :)

  2. Yea! It takes a while to remember to back up so you won't be dizzy but way to go for Davie! He's looking good and keen!