Monday, September 26, 2011

The Farm

So we arrived at the farm in a fantastic thunder storm, although it didn't last long enough for my liking. And so began our three weeks of Davie as a farm, almost, dog.

The elevator you will see in this blog is the old Bender elevator which was on a Canadian Pacific line abandoned in 1961.

Here are some of Davie's animal buddies in order of appearance. First the dogs, Lucy, Shorty and Kingston.

Lucy is not fond of other dogs but tolerated Davie, and he definitely understands dog language. One little lip curl from her and he would't follow quit so close.

And this was his cat"friend" for an afternoon.
Come out, please.

No I'm not watching the cat
Then there were the large squirrels that ran across the roof then down the big maple tree evey morning about 645. Guess how long we stayed in bed after that!

The cows and the calves. Davie was fascinated by them as much as the calves were fascinated by him but he did not chase. However having the squirrels to send him after definitely helped! Nor did he ever leave the house yard and go into the barn yard unless I invited him.
Next episode is all about hauling bales.

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