Thursday, September 22, 2011

We're Baaaaaack

We had planned on blogging while we were on the road trip but it just never happened. Davie is an incredible dog to travel with. He is is well behaved, polite in hotels and other peoples homes and quite happy to lay and watch the world go by.

We have way too many pictures of our trip so I think we will break it down into different topics. For now here is an example of were we have been.

Ready to go - are you sure you remembered all my gear?

Mount Robson - something is behind me!

Alberta-Saskatchewan Border

Camping in Grasslands National Park - hurry up we need to snoop.
I know he is down this hole, if I just make it bigger!
Room to run and run and run!
Stay tuned we will start with the visit to Barb's.

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