Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grasslands to Moose Mountains

Grasslands National Park is designated the darkest dark sky in Canada. The sky at night is unbelievable. you forget how many stars there are when you are always affected by some type of light pollution. And they are so close you are sure you could almost touch them. After a peaceful night in the tent, except for the howling coyotes which I am sure ran right by us we were off for a tour of the park

The Ecotour takes you right through the middle of the prairie dog town then down to an old abandoned homestead.
Prairie Dogs

After the tour it was time to get back on the Red Coat trial and head east to Carlyle then north to the Moose Mountains. It was a beautiful drive first through rolling country then some very flat country until we hit the Moose Mountains. And please British Columbia and Alberta people don't laugh they are called the Moose Mountains.

Wheat Field


One of many abandoned farm sites

Moose Mountains in the distance
 At Carlyle we turned north to go through Moose Mountain Provincial park. I had to stop at Kenosse Lake to show Davie my old stomping grounds. I don't think he was really that impressed!
Another picture!

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